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Spring, 2024 Learn to Dance
Starting 03/16/2024

PRICE $120 plus required membership
Uniform $25

Learn to dance

6-15 Years


Saturday morning


$120 for 8 weeks

max ratio 12:1


Welcome to Learn to Dance! Dancers will learn techniques, styles, formations, and tricks in the hip-hop style! This class is to help new dancers, or dancers who already have knowledge, better their skills within the dance industry. We will be learning combinations, across the floor work, and have fun dancing together in a fun, non-judgemental environment to hit songs. We will be working towards having a full team routine!

Meet your coach!

My name is Alexa Londino. I have been dancing in the All-Star realm since I was 14 years old for my high school's dance team. I went on to become a 10+ National Champion as well as a 1 time gold medalist - 5 time silver medalist - 1 time bronze medalist for the Dance Worlds where I have competed against teams all over the world. I have choreographed for teams all over the east coast for ages 3-18 years in a variety of different styles.

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Learn to Dance

6-9 Years

Saturday 10am

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Learn to Dance

10-15 Years

Saturday 11am

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