Mini Hoops - Instructional 
Fall 2022 - Starting 09/10/2022
$120 Plus Membership
Uniform- $25 


Mini hoops

2-6 years


Saturday morning classes

Maximum 1:14 ratio

Mini Hoops introduces basketball through various fundamentals such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. As these classes progress, players will be challenged and encouraged to improve their skills while developing a strong sense of confidence on the court.


 Fun games and scrimmages are used to incorporate the skills learned in every class.


The perfect pathway into our Developmental Basketball program.

For more information email Chelsea@xlsportsworld.com


Mini Hoops

2-3 years old

Saturdays 11 am


Mini Hoops

4-5 years 

Saturdays 10 am


Mini Hoops

6 years

Saturdays 12 pm