Improving your passing, dribbling, finishing, defending through fun and challenging technical exercises


Gain an extra yard and reach the fitness levels required to dominate the game


Working to develop creative thinkers, confident on the ball, independently making decisions for themselves


Giving players the chance to develop relationships with teammates and setting the tone for strong behavior

XL Goalkeeper training is for goalkeepers of any level, this will help to improve their overall game and confidence. Week by week the practice will build on each of the areas of goalkeeping to help create a better overall goalkeeper. Players will also have the chance to ask for help on whatever areas they might be struggling with or want to improve on the most, this will help to create an environment where all goalkeepers involved can learn from each other and the coach.


Areas of training will be the following: Footwork, handling, reactions, reflexes, kicking, communication, and more!

Starting Friday 9th July 2021 @ 6 pm

$130 for the season

email for more information

Summer Goalkeeper Training

Summer soccer IQ

Whether its dusting off the cobwebs from COVID-19, adding a supplement to your club game, or simply working harder than the competition to improve, Soccer IQ is there to give your game an added boost.

Sharpen your skills through small-group and individual sessions designed to take your game to the next level. Sessions consist of a maximum of 12 players and are tailored to the individual needs of each student. Working on improving all key areas of a players game and advancing the level throughout the 8 week.

Starting Tuesday 6th July 2021 @ 7 pm

$130 for the season

Summer Futsal training

New to XL Sports World this Summer, our Futsal training program will help players of all skill and ability improve their overall game!

Futsal is geared towards working on footwork and skill in smaller areas. Helping players to think on their feet and act quickly to gain those extra few yards on their competition!

This type of small area training will transfer over onto the bigger fields, creating space and being a step ahead of everyone else


$130 for the 8 week season