Hockey Game



July 12th- September 13th

No games on Labor Day (9/6)

$150 per player

$130 per goalie

Monday Nights

Middle School 6:30-8pm

High School 8-9:30pm

July 12th – September 13th 


Middle School League – Monday 6:30PM – 8PM

High School League – Monday 8PM – 9:30PM


Our smooth sport court material rink is 140’ x 76’, perfect for a 4 v 4 game. 


There will be a maximum of 4 teams per league. 


Week 1: Scrimmage game, evaluation

Weeks 2 - 7: Regular season

Week 8: Playoffs

Week 9: Stanley Cup Championship


Rules & Regulations:


  • $150 per player, $130 for goalies.

  • 3 periods, 12-minute running clock.

  • Intermission between periods is 1 minute and 30 seconds.

  • Tiebreaker: 3 v 3, 5-minute overtime, then shootout (if needed).

  • Maximum of 12 players per team. 1 goalie per team. 

  • Players MUST sign in at the front desk before every game. 


  • All penalties are 2 minutes.

  • Any team caught using illegal players will forfeit the game.

  • If a player receives 4 penalties in a game, that player will be ejected from the game.

  • Any player involved in a fight will be suspended for a MINIMUM of one game. The league will determine the severity of suspensions.

  • If a team loses a player due to injury or unforeseen circumstances, a replacement player may be added upon Director’s review and acceptance. The added player must pay the registration fee.

  • Abuse or unsportsmanlike conduct towards the referee will result in a minor penalty. Repeated acts will result in ejection. 

  • Any player that has attempt to injure will be ejected.  

  • We will be using a regulation roller hockey puck for gameplay. 


Coaches: you are responsible for rotating your players an appropriate amount so that each player has the opportunity to get into the game. This will also allow all players to have proper rest before going back on the rink. 


Referees: you are responsible for timekeeping and all scoreboard operations. A running clock will make this easier for the referee, as there will rarely be instances where the clock needs to be stopped. 

Contact with any questions