Starts May 7th 2021

Learn the Basics 

Master the Mechanics 

Play Pressure Free

6 - 8 Years old | 5PM

9 - 11 Years old | 6PM

12 - 14 years old | 7PM

Games Sunday

 2pm and onward

8 Practices

8 Games

$130 | Fridays

Our goal is to create a Basketball friendly atmosphere for players to learn the game in an environment and at the ease of their learning ability. 


Our focus is ball manipulation techniques and mastery using individual sessions, unopposed and opposed practices, to create an environment where players can develop without the strains of expectation and pressure. 

With the added opportunity to create teams for weekend games on Sunday were they can use the techniques and masteries that they have learnt in a game situation. This is a pressure free environment to help the players gain the confidence needed to develop as a player

8 Week Seasons

Weekly technical training sessions. Fall and Spring Seasons available.

Licensed Coaches

Coaches are experienced and enthusiastic. Sessions created with constant interaction in mind!

Player Comes First

Sessions involve different phases designed to enhance the learning experience. Play and learn at your comfort level!

Laying Foundations

Pressure free environment with game interactions following technical practices.

6 - 8 Age Group

Fridays 5pm

$130 for 8 weeks

9 - 11 Age Group

Friday 6pm

$130 for 8 weeks

12 - 14 Age Group

Fridays 7pm

$130 for 8 weeks